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Is There Anything Black/White In Sales?

Given the "there's an exception to every rule" concept, I doubt there is any single thing that's 100 percent black and white. But in the spirit of the question, here are some things you can bank on the vast majority of the time:

* You should never let the exceptions affect your go-to behaviors. If you behave in a way that positively impacts 95 percent of your sales/business relationships, but kills the other 5 percent, don't fret over it. Nothing is 100 percent.

* You are not the person in control of whether you make a sale. The prospect is. The sooner you get over that fact, the better off you'll be.

* You get what you expect from people. For example, if you believe prospects all lie then lies are what you will receive.

* You get what you give to people. For example, if you want respect, give it. If you want trust, give it. If you want commitments honored then honor your commitments. So model the behavior to prospects that you want from your prospects and you'll get that behavior.

* How prospects feel is more important than what they think (because how they feel so drastically impacts what they think).

* First and foremost, prospects want to feel understood. Start there and everything else gets better automatically.

Good luck!


LinkedIn Company Record

LinkedIn is, in my opinion, the best social-media site for developing business relationships, and a site everyone in sales should use.

One feature of LinkedIn I like is the company record. (See Black Tassel, Inc., for an example.) I use this feature in three primary ways:

First, whenever I’m Stalking Tigers, I find their company pageS on LinkedIn and follow them. After that, I ask them to connect.

Second, after I follow a company’s page, I check out the current list of followers. When I see someone with whom I want to connect, I initiate that connection.

Third, I check my company’s page on a daily basis to note the people who are following it. Whenever I see someone new, I ask him or her to connect.

The common factor in these three strategies is the company page we are following. In all cases, because we’re following the same company, there is just a bit more rapport-based reason for the person to accept my connection request.

Connections are the lifeblood of any salesperson’s business. By leveraging LinkedIn company pages, you can generate more connections and incrementally increase your success.


Black Tassel Update

Black Tassel is a brand-spanking-new nonprofit that will help college students earn their way out of debt during their college years so they are "In the Black at Graduation" (meaning no tuition debt and no credit-card debt).

I spent most of 2013 preparing myself to launch this organization and pulled the trigger earlier this year. We currently have a four-person board of directors (but are always looking for more help):

After swearing in the board, I applied for the job of Volunteer Executive Director. As I was the only applicant (not to mention the only applicant willing to work for nothing for a while), the board voted me in.

We held our first fundraiser on May 20 (I literally taught people how to juggle).

Note: If your company is having a retreat or similar event and want a brain break, I'll be happy to teach your entire team how to juggle in exchange for a donation to Black Tassel. It's a fun time and takes about 30 minutes, but best to set aside a full hour so people have the time to get ready and to laugh at themselves for a bit afterward.

Jessica is working on a trivia night now -- date TBD. (She would love to have volunteers so contact us if you're willing to help.)

To fund the creation of the Black Tassel Sales Training System, we are building the 10,000 Salespeople Club and also working hard to find 100 companies willing to kick in some funds.

I need to have as many conversations as possible with the people who build and run sales teams for their companies, so I can find the industries where the Black Tassel System will work (and identify the ones where it won't). So if you know anyone willing to have a 30-minute conversation with me about the program, PLEASE connect me.

We're also working hard to have our first five students in the program this year. The best candidates will live in St. Louis and go to school in St. Louis (because until we have our sales training system built all the training will be in person by me).

And obviously, if you're willing to help us out with a bit of cash, you can donate any amount you like through PayPal at the Black Tassel website.

Thanks for checking in!




10,000 Salespeople: Changing The World

I do some crazy stuff now and then, but as crazy as this may look at first glance, I believe 10,000 Salespeople is one of the most sane things I've ever done.

I love the sales profession.

I love helping others.

And I love hanging out with people who share my passion for sales and my passion for helping others.

As the saying goes, "Birds of a Feather Flock Together." While the saying is true, what it fails to convey is that in every case, one crazy-ass bird must start the party.

Well, my fellow bird-brains. Spring is in the air. Tweet, Tweet.


Getting Real

"Stalking Tigers: Behind the Eye of the Tiger" is one of the most difficult things I've ever written.

I actually started writing the book and then deleted the entire thing four times. And then on the fifth attempt, as I was staring at a blank page on Chapter 1 I wrote the first line of the book:

"I am absolutely not qualified to teach the psychological principles we are about to discuss."

After that the book just sort of flowed. It was still hard work, but I finally felt good about what I was doing. Yesterday I turned it over to my lovely copyeditor. Hopefully, it will be out this week.

Amazing what a bit of reality will do to the creative juices.