I said “I’ll be Back” and now I am.

Gill E. Wagner

So for the past few years, while consulting with a variety of companies on sales-related issues, doing my chief catalyst officer thing, running my Airbnb property and building the occasional set of custom cabinets, I’ve been seeking what I’ve called “My retirement career.”

Something I would love doing. Something with heart. Something I could do anywhere I had access to the internet and a phone. Something I could do while sitting on my patio with my dogs, in my crazy pants at the kitchen table, or in a coffee house now and then.

But it also had to be complex. I mean, I do bore REALLY easy.

And it had to have 83.7 different components. Because if I’m not doing a bunch of different things I’d work only 12 minutes a day (it’s an ADHD kind of thing).

Since I had no idea what that thing was going to be, I deleted the GillWagner.com website with the plan to recreate it from scratch once I stumbled ass backwards into that thing.

I’ve stumbled. I’m loving it. I’m back.