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Man with mouth open learn only sound of own voice.

There's this wet-behind-the-ears kid on a LinkedIn discussion group who is advocating all sorts of manipulation techniques as the way to overcome prospects' objections. (He specializes in regurgitating Hopkins.)

And he's almost prolific in his "I'm here to learn" statements -- constantly using them to soften the follow-up comment "here are all the reasons you're wrong."

I gave educating him a shot, because my gut tells me he's an honest kid who actually feels bad about the BS tactics he's using. My hope was I could spark the fire that would pull him out of the cult of sales idiocy into the world of treating people with respect.

But he simply won't shut his mouth long enough to learn anything, and that's what made me remember the fortune-cookie quote that is the title of this entry.

No real point to this story. Just sad I was unable to help the kid.



I'm Baaaaaack

Hello once again.

Many years ago I wrote articles on sales and entrepreneurship quite frequently, followed by blogging. That was followed by many years of doing all my writing by answering questions on discussion forums. Now that I'm writing the book series "Stalking Tigers: Building Critical Relationships With the Big Cats of Business" I'm back in the flow and enjoying it, so I decided to reenergize the blogging effort.

As a first step I set up the blog as my main page on my website. Problem was, it was blank so I had to write something.

Well. That's done ...


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