Why Free?

Yesterday, I shared the 90,000 Free Words link with someone and he asked me, “Why are you giving your book away for free?”

“To make money, of course.”

With a furrowed brow and a puzzled look, he asked “How does that work, exactly?”

“The simple explanation is that there are tens of millions of salespeople and tens of millions of entrepreneurs in the world who are literally never going to buy anything from me. They are simply far too do-it-myself minded. So, I give those who want it all my knowledge for free, because it helps them do it themselves better, which creates business friendships, which turns into referrals, which turns into clients who do want the type of consulting advice I sell or want someone to enthrall a crowd at their events.”

“If you take care of the world, the world will take care of you.”

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Honest Selling: How to Build the [Your Name Here] Sales System

I believe the world will be a better place if salespeople behave ethically, and if the salespeople who refuse to behave ethically are forced to find happiness ruining someone else’s profession.

In an effort to create that world …

I wrote this book in 2004. I just finished a full revision and posted the entire book for free on this website.

Cindy is just getting started with the full-blown copyediting effort, so please don’t hold it against her if you find errors she hasn’t yet spotted. (In typical fashion, I didn’t feel like waiting!)

My hope is the material in the book will both inspire salespeople to sell with honesty and high ethical standards, and give them the how-to guidance they need to get started.


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