“Business Gill” is a serial entrepreneur with a lifetime of experience in sales. His key strengths are his ability to motivate a crowd of salespeople to make real changes in how they sell, and to help a group of executives articulate their core cultural values so the entire company represents those values accurately.

His passion is bringing honor, honesty and integrity to the sales profession (which includes shining a light on manipulative tactics that ruin the profession he loves). His peers named him the “Father of Honest Selling,” the “Best Business Connector in St. Louis” and one of the “Top 100 St. Louisans to Know” to succeed in business.

“Craftsman Gill” built a barn in his backyard and created a cozy, 562-square-foot loft apartment on the top floor, complete with hand-built cabinets throughout, a custom Murphy bed and a really cool headboard made from an old, wooden extension ladder. Business travelers can find the “Barndominium” on Airbnb if they’d like to ditch the St. Louis hotel routine and try something unique.

“Business” and “Craftsman” Gill joined forces in March 2018 to launch the SalesCraftsman YouTube channel where Gill will post one sales training video each week until everything he knows about selling with honor, honesty and integrity is available to the world’s salespeople absolutely free. (Look for the first videos in April.)

“Hobby Gill” has ridden a bicycle 200 miles in 14 hours and then balanced it on his chin. He can say the alphabet in six different directions. Dogs follow him obediently. Puzzles fear him. And he can juggle anything from beanbags to bowling pins (both literally and metaphorically).

“Husband Gillby” is a hopeless romantic who met the girl of his dreams at 14, FINALLY got her to go on a date with him at 22, married her at 23, and has claimed the title “World’s Most Sickeningly in Love Husband” for himself. He also calls the 7.5-year courtship “My most successful, long-term marketing plan ever.”