Stalking Tigers

Stalking Tigers is an eight-part series of free booklets that will teach you how to build relationships with the Big Cats of business and leverage those relationships to achieve your dreams.

Books one through three are written and linked below. (Although my lovely copyeditor has not yet done her thing, so please cut her some slack if you find an error I made.)

I’m writing book four now. I’m shooting for one new book every two weeks, but am notorious for chasing shiny objects that cross my path, so I know better than to commit to that time frame. (It was a hard jungle lesson to learn, but I’ve finally accepted it.) I’ll announce each new book with a blog post when it’s out, so subscribe to my feed if you want to be notified.

     1. It’s a Jungle Out There – Learn how to successfully Stalk Tigers and thereby build the relationships you need to achieve your dreams.
2. Tiger Liaisons Together, we’ll reverse-engineer how intimate business relationships form naturally, so we can understand and leverage that flow to create the new relationships we seek.
3. Behind the Eye of the Tiger We’ll learn how the big cats think, so we can capture their attention and hold it. We’ll also learn to leverage our strengths to shorten our paths to success.
4. On Safari – We’ll explore the many methods for networking with Tigers and being accepted into the streak.
5. In the Thicket – We’ll detail the high-volume, short-term methods for building Tiger relationships quickly.
6. Caring for the Jungle – We’ll outline the long-term, service-oriented methods for finding Tigers who share our passions and building relationships by giving to others.
7. Tiger Pheromones – We’ll explore how to attract Tigers to you instead of stalking them.
8. Strengthening the Streak – We’ll talk through the many ways we can leverage our new roles as Tigers to help the cubs who follow us.

Illustrated and edited by
Cindy Wagner
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Gill E. Wagner
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